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waterproof DMX512 Dc24V 25W 42pcs led rgbw flexible led wall washer

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waterproof DMX512 Dc24V 25W 42pcs led rgbw flexible led wall washer   

7led per cut unit

below one is pU gel injection mold -no change color within 5 years--for fully outdoor use.


Using TPU material, anti-yellowing, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, good flexibility;

PU glue potting, strong adhesion, good durability, high reliability;

It can replace the traditional hardware wall washer or LED light bar, with small size, light weight and flexibility;

flexible application and easy installation; a variety of beam angles are available,

采用TPU材质,抗黄变,耐高温抗腐蚀、耐弱酸碱,柔软性好; PU胶灌封,粘接性强、耐久性佳,可靠性高;

可以代替传统的硬体洗墙灯或LED灯条,尺寸小、重量轻、可弯曲;应用灵活,安装简便; 多种束光角可选,


Dc24V  25W/meter  42pcs LED/meter.

7led as one cut unit.

size: 1000mmX11.1mmX24.1mm(LXHXW)

Color:  RGB+white( white color optional)

warranty: 3 years.

IC  chipset: UCS512B4L(dmx512 control)

Beam angle: 30degree  in stock 15degree 45 degree 60 degree 10*45 optional

Installing distance  5cm away from the wall.

can light up the wall to  3meter long tall.

flame retardant grade:UL94-V0  with test report.


ColorRGBW( W :2700K/4000K/6000K) customized CCT optional
cable4pin female &male plug
Beam angle30° in stock, other 15/30/45/60 10*60° optional
control method UCS512B4L(dmx512 control)
LED quantity42led,7led per group ,cutting unit:16.6cm
Power&voltage25W/meter/  Dc24v
accessories3M  tape or clips





Take noted the Bending diameter>100mm please 




What are the advantage of flexible led wall washer VS traditional led wall

As the headline suggests, the flexible led wall is a soft, bendable lens with a light-emitting angle product,

allowing the lighting effect to wash through the wall like running water.

It is mainly used for commercial buildings, bridges, docks, and architectural quantitative decorative lighting.

And it is also used to outline the outline of large buildings. It has the characteristics of energy saving, high light efficiency, colorful colors, long life, etc., so it is widely used.

The flexible led wall mainly redefines its projection distance and light concentration uniformity by adjusting the two-way light-emitting angle of the LED light source through the secondary light distribution.

The function of the flexible wall washer is more focused on the performance from line to surface, and the three-dimensional display of the building

The appearance of the outline belongs to the “surface light” in terms of the light emitting effect.

The difference between flexible led wall and linear led wall:
The traditional LED wall washer has the following shortcomings because of its shape is a long strip of hard aluminum profile, called LED linear light/spot light, for short:
1: The fixed strip shape cannot be bent. Conventionally, one meter is not suitable for the installation of some special-shaped wall edges or curved walls.
2: Conventionally, one meter is used as a unit, and it is impossible to achieve 2 meters or longer. The main reason is the high cost of packaging and transportation.
3: The traditional hardware aluminum LED led wall is huge and heavy, and it is not as flexible as the flexible led wall.

The reason why the flexible led wall is so popular is its several important features. It has solved some of the pain points and difficulties of the industry in history at one time!

Feature 1: arbitrary bending
Any bending in different directions can be realized on the same product, with a bending radius of 25CM. Easily solve the old and difficult problem of using multiple 0.3-meter traditional led wall to splice when encountering special-shaped buildings on the market in the past! The characteristic of arbitrary bending also makes the light from the special-shaped curved surface round and full.
Feature 2: arbitrary cutting
The flexible led wall can currently be cut to any length within 10 meters with a unit of 12.5CM, which effectively solves the troublesome problem of customizing many different lengths in the installation process of many special-shaped buildings, and makes the dead corner of the light almost completely disappear!
Feature 3: Long power supply
The flexible led wall also has the characteristics of super long power supply. A switching power supply can be brought to a length of nearly 20 meters, which brings great convenience to modern buildings that are extremely simplified in space. The long power supply makes light control easier and wiring simpler, and it also effectively improves the safety of electricity use for ground buildings.
Feature 4: High-strength waterproof
The flexible led wall is a silicone and metal integrated product, and its waterproof level can easily achieve IP68 level. For parks, waterfronts, cultural tourism landscapes and other places that are often flooded, “flying fish” lights are undoubtedly the best choice of lights!
Feature 5: Simple and efficient installation
The flexible wall washer adopts a split installation design. As long as the installation bracket is synchronously fixed to the building in the early stage of construction, the lamp can be easily buckled into the installation bracket after the building is completed. It is very simple and effectively avoids cross construction with other construction projects. The hidden quality hazards brought by the time to the lamps! Its later maintenance is also more convenient and efficient. The flexible le wall supports various intelligent controls such as monochrome, RGB, RGBW DMX512, DALI, etc.

Applicable places:
It is suitable for the panoramic flood lighting of lighting projects, commercial places, subways, elevated overpasses, building exterior walls, architectural landmarks, and other internal and external walls.

Before installation (Precautions for use)
1. Before use, please check whether each part of the product is normal, and whether the power supply is damaged or incorrectly connected.
2. If there is any damage, please contact your authorized dealer or our company as soon as possible.
3. The voltage of the product must match the output power of the power supply.
4. In order to use signal synchronization, the main power input should be connected to the same power switch.
5. Be sure to keep the surrounding heat dissipation space during use to facilitate heat dissipation.
6. When you need to move, cut off the power first and follow the correct placement method.
7. Please turn off the power when you do not use the product for a period of time, vacation or typhoon weather.


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