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TTL/SPI  Signal Amplifier Repeater for pixel led strip,it can achieve 20m or more distance

TTl signal amplifier for led strip
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TTL/SPI  Signal Amplifier Repeater for pixel led strip,it can achieve 20m or more distance

TTL SPi signal amplifier user video


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TTLSPI signal amplifier support 20meter distance from controller to light,it can achieve 50m (max)by network wire.



SPI TTL Signal Amplifier for WS2812B WS2811 SK6812 SK9822 Addressable LED Strip 20m Repeater Dream Color LED Light  DC5-24V

Note: It is not a controller. It works with controller together. Can not support 4 pin or 5 pin RGB/RGBW no IC chip 5050 LED strip . This TTL signal amplifier is compatible with all kinds Addressable LED strip. Including WS2811,WS2812B,SK6812,1903,6803,WS2813,WS2815,WS2801,APA102C,SK9822 etc.

Super-Far-Distance.The transmission distance can be 200 meters 640ft,Solves the problem of long distance signal transmission.Usually, the signal wires exceeds 3 meters(10ft),the signal starts to become unstable.

Can be used with various controllers. SP110E,SP105E,SP106E,SP107E,SP108E,SP501E,SP601E,SP608E,X2 music controller,14 keys remote controller ,K-1000C,T-1000S,CSY07,CSY08 etc

all the Addressable LED strip controller.Also can work with SPI Signal Aplifier SP901E.

The isolation performance is good, and the electrical isolation between input and output is realized completely.The signal is transmitted in one direction, and the output signal has no feedback to the input.The optical signal is stable and reliable without electromagnetic interference

The ability of resisting common mode interference is strong, and the interference can be suppressed.The optocoupler has fast response speed and high transmission efficiency.

There is easy type in stock 


There is waterproof  type  optional!



1. The isolation performance is good, the input end and the output end are completely electrically isolated.
2. The signal is transmitted in one direction, and the output signal has no feedback to the input end, which can effectively prevent the interference of the lamp circuit and lamp power ripple on the controller port, but does not cut off the signal transmission between them
3. The optical signal is not subject to electromagnetic interference, and the work is stable and reliable.
4. Strong anti-common-mode interference capability, which can suppress interference well.
5. The optocoupler has fast response speed and high transmission efficiency.

Welcome to use the  TTL signal amplifier, which is developed for shaping and enlargement the attenuated of the DMX512/1990/RDM signal after the long-distance transmission.

It has two output channels; there is optical isolation between the input and output, each interface has an independent electrical isolation, there is wrong wiring protection at DMX input and output port,

to avoid the interference to the TTL control system, guarantee the DMX/RDM signal can transmit to all the lighting control equipment, and improving the overall reliability of digital lighting control system.

Product parameter

Power supply voltage: DC5-24V Transmission distance:

The distance between the controller and

the TTL photoelectrically isolated receiving board can reach 200 meters
Signal input terminal: I GND (ground wire input terminal) I DAT (data signal input terminal) I CLK (clock signal input terminal)
Signal output terminal: GND (ground wire output terminal) DAT (data signal output terminal) CLK (clock signal output terminal)
Dimensions: L125mm*W56mm*H35mm

wiring chart





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