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Dc24V 2835 Dual CCT Dimmable LED Strip 192leds/M 10mm width

Dual CCT Dimmable LED Strip
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Dc24V 2835  Dual CCT  Dimmable LED Strip  192leds/M 10mm width

below is customized 1800K and 2700K CCT led strip 

7W/m  VS 19.2W /m 

2835   WW+W double white color chips smd led strip is a new type of CCT dimmable led strip,

which has better dimmable effect for the closer white chips in one 5054 smd so can achieve better mixture white color.

the normal two channel dimmable controllers can control it.,it is 120led per meter ,better bightness and better for dimming.



  • LED Type:High Brightness 2835 SMD LED,

  • 16.4 ft / 5m Reel,

  • Viewing angle:120 degree,

  • Dc24V working voltage  10W/m

  • 24V DC Super bright NO-Waterproof /Waterproof CCT 2835/3528 SMD Cold White (6500K) + Warm White (3000K) LED strip lighting

  • LED Quantity: 192leds/Meter (96pcs Warm white LED 2700K  +96pcs Cold White LED6500K) (can make customized CCT as customer required)

  • Easy and flexible installation. Ideal for home and business lighting decoration.

  • High brightness, wide angle LED chip. Low power consumption - 10W/M

  • Comes with 3mm adhesive sticky backing (Not included power adapter and controller)


  • 5000*10*2.5mm (non-waterproof),

  • 5000*10*3.5mm (IP65 waterproof),

  • 5000*12*4.5mm (IP67/68 waterproof),

  • Waterproof IP grade:IP20 Non-waterproof with 3M sticker on the back,

  • IP65 waterproof is silicone gel or epoxy on the surface,

  • IP67: silicone tube,

  • IP68: silcone gel(or epoxy) inside silicone tube.

Product details







the wiring chart

the dual white led controller and led amplifier 


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