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Dc12V 5V Fairy led string display

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Dc12V  5V Fairy led string  lights up the your display screen ( a good replacment of led display )

-save cost -portable -and outdoor - stable -flexible -high brightness -Small pixel pitch P1.25cm

P2 2cm distance fairy pixel led display 

pixel pitch 2cm fairy led display.jpg


fairy led dot.png

which is fasten by cable--with the 12V 5V fairy led string 

Advantages of the fairy led string 

1) High brightness of over 1600mcd

2) Dc12V working voltage-can make 300pcs led with one power input.

3) Led type: 3939 RGB led lamp with copper bracket and gold wire

4) Low working voltage requires

5) Good brightness and good shape -can light up a good lighting effect

4) Very lower output power : 0.06W/pcs 

5Easy to control, controlled by standard SPI protocol(ws2811 ic)

6) Cutting unit every 1 led

7) Controller system: Art-net, Off-line or on-line TTL led controller



RL-STR-WS2811-3939RGB--12V5V optional

Lighting Source

3939 RGB Digital LED CHIP

Working Voltage


Output Power

0.06Watt per led 

Pixel pitch

1.25cm/3cm / 5cm/ 10cm/ 15cm (optional) 

LED Quantity/M

10 LEDs per meter(customized led quantity optional)

Luminance (mcd)

1600MCper led

IC chip


Waterproof Grade


Cable colour 

Clear / Green /Black (optional) 


3 Years

Dc5V 12V Flex fiary led string display-to replace transparent led screen/Film led screen/mesh also

Below is the square transparent mesh led /display with pixel distance 25mm ( 40pixel X40 pixels =1600 per square meter )

fairy led string display.jpg

mesh led.jpg

it can be a good choice to replace the led hologram film led screen /mesh led display/hologram film screen

hologram film screen.jpg

Below is a fairy led disply with  small pixel pitch  25mm.

more details about fairy led display -visit our website for details 



There are many fairy led sting kit  -which is very popular and good sales and in stock now 

fairy led string (1).jpg

look for details --click our website for details 






remark :

There are many control method and function available via small appliances .

• Remotely control home appliances from anywhere 

• Add and control multiple devices at once with one App
• Voice control via Amazon Echo and Google Home
• Interworking of multiple smart devices. Devices automatically start/stop working based on temperature, location and time.
• Easily share devices among family members
• Receive real-time alerts to ensure safety

• Easily and quickly connect Tuya Smart App to devices-support smart life and smart living ,

by the way 

Fairy led string  can make other different application-

for example --below is the fairy led string Flag lights up the stage lighting -It is owesome to make a show lighting .

these DIY led flags--work with   a local area network--control by madrix to make sync 

the DIY pixel led flag  works with madrix , with same local  area network --via the  wifi  -then connect toartnet led controller sp801e .

it can show animation or letter or play animation with madrix also ,

click below for details if interest.


Below is the detailed introduction of the DIY led flag please.

fairy led string.jpg

How to wiring 

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Rose Lighting isprofessional led strip manufacturer ,which integrating production, R&D, sales and engineering .

we focus on led strip  and project solution since 2012 in shenzhen china。

we take care of  KTV, bars, wedding halls, outdoor lighting Mai Jazz light strips ~ pixel strip projects!

(One-stop service from source manufacturers)
we offer  various exhibitions, commercial performances, TV stations ~Madrix programming,

3D stereo programming, familiar with various software manufacturers in the market, rich on-site experience,

welcome your inquiry.

Our Main Type: 

Pixel led strip ,
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digital led strip ,
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normal led strip and customized led strip led controller and accessories


-focused on manufactuering led strip  more than 10 years.

-competitive price and  project  engineering solution service.

– more than 100 project case each year .

-all Types of led strip  and free sample are available.

-skilled support team and engineering service.

– visable all kinds of project case show and Exhibition board in our showroom .

-OEM/ODM offered.

-realiable and guaranteed payment by alibaba.

-same Quality Management as OSRAM and Thorn.ect .(we work with same Quality Management Company )

enjoy our new project and product details as follow if you interest.








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